The Amish Culture VS American Culture

Tammy Smerdon         American Culture     

Farming has changed over the years for the American Culture. One hundred years ago we were using horses to run balers called loose hay loaders. The horses would pull a cutter, a rake and roll it into a slot rinrow, this would form the bales. Since then our culture has improved technology for farming. We now have the use of John Deer tractors, with self loading balers and the use of  plows and combines for harvesting our oats in the fields. Our technology has become much more  convenient.

                                               Amish Cultural Farming

Since the 50’s  the Amish have used engine -powered balers pulled by horses to pack the hay for efficient handling and storage, however automatic bale throwers are not permitted for loading the wagons. Modern tractors with steel wheels are used for high-power needs at the barn, but rarely in the fields. It operates a machine that chops and blows green corn stalks on the top of a 40 foot silo, or is used to run an irrigation pump.  farming has remained the same in a lot of ways over the years.


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